Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Turkey Tips

Turkey shocked us by how expensive it was, or at least by how cheap it wasn't. Here are the rough costs of our journey through Turkey:-

Tulip Guesthouse, Istanbul, dorm bed per night - 15YTL (inc breakfast and internet)
Meal in Istanbul - Kebab on the street - 5YTL
Entrance to Topkapi Palace - 20YTL
Entrance to Blue Mosque - free
Kumpir in Ortakoy - 8YTL
Bus from Istanbul to Canakkale - 40YTL (7 hours, at least it was a club class bus!)
Konak Hotel, Canakkale - double room per night - 40YTL (inc breakfast)
Kebab in Canakkale - 3YTL, plate kebab 12YTL
Beer from shop - 3.5YTL each
Minibus to Troy - 4YTL
Troy entrance ticket - 15YTL
Bus from Canakkale to Izmir - 35YTL (7 hours)
Bus from Izmir to Selcuk - 7YTL (1hour)
Boomerang Hostel, Selcuk - per person per night - 15YTL (inc breakfast and transfer to Ephesus)
Entry fee for Ephesus - 20YTL
Meal in Selcuk - kebab - 5YTL
Bus from Selcuk to Goreme (Capadoccia) - 50YTL (13 hours)
Emres Cave Hostel, Goreme - dorm bed per night - 8YTL (with free internet)
Bus from Goreme to Kayseri - 5YTL (1 hour)
Bus from Kayseri to Antakya - 25YTL (12 hours)
Bus from Antakya to Aleppo - 10YTL (3 hours, plus delay at Turkish-Syrian border)

Approx daily costs per person - 40YTL ($25USD or 18GBP)

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