Monday, April 6, 2009

Flying high..

It looks like an optical illusion. A giant flagpole, with an equally large flag flying from it, stuck inbetween the buildings and a mosque on one of Ammans 17 hills. Gazing at it from the Citadel on another of the hills it really seems out of place, a challenge to ones perception of size and depth. It would confuse even Jan Deregowski!

It is actually the Raghadan flagpole which was previously the worlds tallest free-standing flagpole but is now languishing in 3rd spot on that illustrious list. It is actually 126m tall and hoists a flag of massive 40x60m proportions. There is a flashing light on the top to warn off low flying aircraft and the whole pole is illuminated at night.

Here is a typically kitch photo of Monika with the flagpole.

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