Sunday, May 10, 2009

Syria - Tips and costs

After travelling through Turkey and arriving in Aleppo we spent 13 days in Syria, here is what we learnt:

Springflower Hostel, Aleppo - SP250 dorm, SP550 double per night
Felafel at Al-Fanah - SP20 (priceless)
Train from Aleppo to Latakkia - SP50

Latakkia Hotel - SP350 double with TV
Spit roast chicken with sides - SP350
Fresh juice - SP30
Bus from Latakkia to Ugarit and v.v. - SP15 each way
Entrance to Ugarit - SP150 (not really worth it)
Bus to Qalat Salah-ad-din and v.v - SP20 each way
Entrance to Qalat Salah-ad-din - SP150 (but we didnt go in)
Bus from Latakkia to Hama - SP100-150

Cairo Hotel, Hama - SP600 dbl w/TV (very good value, friendly and good info)
Bus from Hama to Palmyra and v.v. - SP165 each way
Entrance to Palmyra - free (but must pay for the Ampitheatre and temple, SP75 each)
Chicken Shwarma in Hama - SP75-100 very good with garlic mayo
Bus from Hama to Crac de Chevaliers (via Homs) - SP35+50
Bus from Crac de Chevalier to Hama (via Homs) - SP100+35!
Entrance to Crac de Chevalier - SP150
Taxi from Hama to Beehive villages and Qalat Ibn-Wardan and return - SP1000 per car
Entrance to Qalat Ibn-Wardan - SP75
Service taxi from Hama to Baalbek (Lebanon) - SP600 per person

As Saada Hotel, Damascus - SP400 dorm bed per night
Entrance to Ummayad Mosque - SP75
Ice cream in souq - SP20
Internet in Damascus - SP60 per hour
Bus from Damascus to Amman (Jordan) - SP600

Average daily budget - SP750 (US$15)
Exchange rate at time of visit - US$1=SP47, GBP1=SP71

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