Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lebanon - Costs and tips

A brief side trip from Syria, our few days in Lebanon revealed one of the more expensive Middle Eastern countries:

Entrance to Baalbek - LL12000
Minibus from Baalbek to Beirut - LL5000
Pension Al-Nazih, Beirut - LL15000 dorm bed per night
Beer - 2500 big bottle
Sandwich (steak, liver etc) - LL2000-2500
Coffee on the promenade - LL1500
Bus from Beirut to Saida and v.v. - 1500
Entrance to soap museum in Saida - free
Bus from Beirut to Byblos - LL1500-2000
Bus from Byblos to Tripoli - LL2000
Pension Haddad, Tripoli - LL12000 dorm bed per night
Massive chip butty in Tripoli - LL1500
Fresh orange juice in Tripoli - LL250
Bus from Tripoli to Bcharre and v.v. - LL4000
Entrance to Gibran museum, Bcharre - LL5000 (or was it 6000? whatever it was worth it!)
Bus direct from Tripoli to Beirut - LL2500
Service taxi from Beirut to Damascus - LL15000

Ave. daily spend - LL25000
Exchange rate US$1=LL1500, GBP1=LL2200


  1. It makes me want to travel with you, although the thought of spending six hours in the back of a pick up and driving over 400 kilometres doesn't really fill me with joy!
    When you see so much negative news about Sudan it is good to see a much more balanced view.

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