Saturday, June 6, 2009


Here are our travel tips for a nice visit to Egypt:

Visa - valid for 30days, issued at Nuweiba port or at airports - USD$15
Taxi between Nuweiba port and Tarabin beach and v.v. - 20LE (after bargaining, in fact everything in Egypt is after bargaining!)
Soft Beach Hotel - 30LE p.p.p.n in beach hut with choice from good breakfast menu
Ave. price of meal at Soft Beach - 25LE
Snorkel gear hire at Soft Beach - 30LE !!!!
Beer - 15LE (this is very expensive!)
Bus from Nuweiba to Dahab - 11LE (2 hours)

Dbl/Trp room at Auski beach camp, Dahab - 40/50LE (Avoid Penguin Camp, they have gone upmarket and their staff are very unfriendly!)
Meal (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner) at a restaurant/cafe off the beachfront - 5-23LE
Meal at a beachside restaurant - 30-150LE
Beer in a shop/in a bar or restaurant - 6.5LE / 10LE
Bottle of Egyptian wine in a shop - 38LE (the red is OK, apparantly the white is not so good!)
- Many restaurants in Dahab are unlicenced but allow you to bring your own bottles with you, which is good as you pay the shop prices, the restaurant keeps the bottles and returns them, everyones a winner! -
Snorkel gear hire in Dahab - 5LE for mask and snorkel plus 4LE for fins
Internet in Dahab - 5-8LE per hour
Tour to Blue Hole + snorkel gear hire - 20LE + 5LE
Overnight tout to Mt Sinai (inc. bus transfer, guide and entrance fee) - 75LE (90LE with return to Dahab) - leave at 11pm, arrive St Katherine at 1:30am, start trekking around 2am, on top for sunrise. Descend by 9am, visit monastery and leave for Dahab at 10am.

Shared Taxi from St Katherines to junction for Suez - 100LE (2 hours)
Bus from jucntion to Suez - 42LE (expensive!)
Minibuses around Suez and Port Tawfiq - 0.5LE
Room at Arafat Hotel, Suez - 25LE per person.
Macaroni meal on street - 6LE
Coffee and cream cake by the canal - 10LE
Bus from Suez to Cairo - 10LE

Dorm bed at Sultan Hostel, Cairo - 15LE
Cairo Metro ticket - 1LE
Internet in Cairo - 3LE per hour
Bus to Pyramids of Giza from close to Sadat metro station- 0.5LE
Pyramids of Giza entrance ticket - 60LE
Egyptian museum entrance ticket - 60LE (plus 100LE extra for the Mummy Rooms)
Walking around Coptic cairo or Islamic cairo - FREE
Koshari/macaroni/Shwarma/Sandwich - 5LE
Fresh Juice - 2-5LE
Overnight bus to Luxor - 100LE, leaving 9pm from Cairo gateway, 12hours
- Overnight train to Luxor - 160LE 1st class (refuse to sell foreigners 2nd class) from Ramses station -

Dbl room w/fan at Oasis Hotel, Luxor - 30LE (inc. free sunset tea on the roof terrace)
Shwarma near the train station - 4.5LE (but they will ask for 9LE!)
Minibus around town - 1LE
Entrance to Karnak temple - 70LE
Entrance to Luxor temple - 40LE (not sure if worth it, we just looked from outside)

Ferry from East to West bank - 1LE
Taxi around West Bank - 80LE after hard bargaining for a trip to Valley of the Kings, then pick-up at Deir-al-Bahri temple and visit to Seti temple, Ramesseum and Habu temple (Valley of the Queens also possible)
Valley of the KIngs entrance - 80LE (includes 3 tombs, but not Tutankhamun or Ramses 6 they have extra charges, our tip would be Tuthmosis III for one of them)
Entrance to most other sites (Deir-al-Bahri, Ramesseum, Seti, Habu temple etc - 30LE per site

Day entrance to Rezeiky camp (with pool) - 15LE
Train from Luxor to Aswan - 25LE (31LE if bought onboard)

Dbl room w/bathroom and poor breakfast at Yassien Hotel - 40LE
Trip to High Dam, Philae and Abu Simbel - 80LE plus entrance fees, leaving at 3am (We didn't go)
Nice meal w/soft drinks at Panorama on the riverbank - 40LE
Tasty Kofta at Abeer restaurant - 7LE
Internet - 6LE per hour
Shared Taxi to High Dam port - 10LE p.p.

Ave daily budget - 80LE for general travelling plus 60LE for site entrances (USD$1=5.6LE, GBP1=9.2LE)

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