Saturday, June 6, 2009


No, I am not talking about the cricket! Something more important. How can anyone in Britain vote for the BNP? It's pathetic and makes me feel sick, and glad I am not there. How can we still have Nazis in Britain in this day and age, dont these people realise that multiculturalism is what makes Britain Great? Do these ignorant oafs realise that by voting for the BNP they are basically saying "You know Hitler, he wasn't bad, his heart was in the right place". If you vote BNP you are disgracing the actions of the brave souls that fought for freedom during WWII. People claim that they should be allowed due to freedom of speech, well, freedom of speech is only valid until you start abusing other peoples human rights, which seems to be the basic premise of the BNP. Parties such as the BNP and the UKIP (wake up guys, we have been part of the EU for years, and it has benefitted us greatly) should be forcibly disbanded and their leaders jailed under the terrorism act. Bastards.

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  1. you've been following up the current issues quite well.
    I watched the Question Time the other day, and it was really shocking to see BNP was so successful on this election.
    At least it's been openly criticized by mainstream politicians and normal people through debates, which is very rare and luxiourious thing to have outside the UK.