Sunday, June 14, 2009

By truck from Moyale to Isiolo

The road from the border town of Moyale to Isiolo in Kenya is probably the most infamous along the whole Cairo-to-Cape Town route. Not only do the dirt tracks eat 4x4s for breakfast but there is also the added risk from the bandits that run amok across Northern Kenya. If you are travelling by public transport the choice is a twice (or perhaps thrice) weekly bus or jumping on the back of one of the trucks passing through daily. The journey takes around 18 hours if you are lucky. We were lucky. Our truck was full of bags of maize, which was good as they made comfortable seats and are heavy enough to stuck worrying about overturning, which a worrying number of the trucks are prone to doing. We left Moyale around 10:30am, stopped in Marsabit around 7:30pm and finally arrived in Isiolo at around 3:30am.

Here is a brief taste of this journey:

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