Monday, September 28, 2009

Zambia Travel Costs

Zambia is widely regarded these days as one of the more expensive countries in Africa in which to travel. The fact that they export petrol to Zimbabwe who are then able to sell it at lower costs hints to part of the problem. It does not affect travellers as much as Zambians and here are some ways to get by:

Visa - $50, available at the border or beforehand at a Zambian embassy. Valid for 1 months entry, to be used within 3M of issue

Shared taxi from border to Chipata - 10,000Kwa (Zambian Kwacha) p.p, 30 mins
Tomatoes/Onions at Chipata market - 1000/2000Kwa per pile
African Polony in Chipata - 500Kwa per portion
Minibus from Chipata to Mfuwe - 50,000Kwa p.p. up to 5 hours waiting plus 4-5 hours for the journey. Add 5-10,000Kwa for a private transfer from Mfuwe to a camp or lodge.
Camping at Croc Valley, Mfuwe - 35,000Kwa p.p. Includes free visit from hippos and elephants, and maybe a leopard, during the night.
Beer at Croc Vallet - 10,000Kwa. Meals here very overpriced but there is a self-catering kitchen available.
Game drive - 125,000Kwa park fees plus 200,000Kwa for 4 hours game drive.
Bus from Chipata to Lusaka - 115,000Kwa, 6-20 hours. Good road, good buses, nice scenery.
Dorm at Ku-omboka Backackers, Lusaka - 45,000Kwa p.p. Nice restaurant (mains around 23,000Kwa) and bar.
Fast food at LA Fast Foods - 12-20,000Kwa for kebab, chips, burgers, fried chicken etc
Proper meal (i.e. nsima with chicken or fish) at Fajemas - 15,000Kwa
Internet - from 9-12,000Kwa per hour. Fastest and best is at Arcades.
Fruit and vegetables on Soweto market in Lusaka - usually 1500-2000Kwa per kilo.
Minibus from centre to Arcades or Manda Hill - 2000Kwa p.p.
Taxi around town - around 15,000Kwa
Bus from Lusaka to Livingstone - 80,000Kwa, 6-10 hours.
Camping at Jollyboys, Livingstone - 30,000Kwa p.p. Nice place, well run, pool and bar, internet, book swap, info desk, craft shop and excellent self-catering kitchen.
Meal at Chinese restaurant, Livingstone - from 12-20,000Kwa
Minibus to Victoria Falls NP - 2500Kwa
Entrance to Victoria Falls NP - 48,000Kwa (or $10USD at current rate)
Guide to walk along the top of the falls - 20,000Kwa (after bargaining)
Beer at Jollyboys - 8000Kwa
Shared taxi to Kazangula (Botswana border) - 25,000Kwa each
Ferry across Zambezi to Botswana - 2000Kwa

Average cost per person per day - 125,000Kwa

Exchange rate - USD$1=4800Kwa, GBP1=7600Kwa


  1. This post is really helpful... I'm hopefully going to zanzibar this year and i really appreciate the info!

    I wanna go to tanzania....

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