Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tanzanian Trip Tips

Visa - $50. Available on border. Single entry, valid for 3 months.

Dbl room at Meru House Inn, Arusha - 10,000Tsh. Great value, very safe and friendly and a much better option than the campsite out of town.
Internet in Arusha - 1000Tsh per hour
Decent meal (e.g. Pepper Steak) at Meru House Inn - 4500Tsh
Breakfast at Dollies/Harrys Quickbite (chapatis, omelettes etc with tea/coffee) - 800-2000Tsh

Safari to Tarangire NP, Serengeti NP and Ngorongoro CA with Forsters Safaris - $150 per day. This is at the cheap end of the scale but the service was excellent. We spent 1 day at Tarangire, 2 days in the Serengeti and 1 day down in the Ngorongoro crater. Very good value and highly recommended.

Onions/Tomatoes/Lemons at the market in Arusha - 200-300Tsh per pile (3-4 pieces)
Avocados at the market - 200Tsh per piece.
Baguette at Dollies Patisserie - 1000Tsh
Bus from Arusha to Moshi - 3500Tsh, 1 - 2 hours
Dbl room at A+A Hill Street Accommodation, Moshi - 12,000Tsh after bargaining. Very clean and modern place, nice balcony and the interiors are excellent. Luxury for the price, one of the best on our trip.
Indian meal at Deli Chez, Moshi - Priceless! Again one of the highlights of our trip. The paneer was great and the chicken dish was almost as good. In monetary terms it cost around 20,000Tsh with juice and a lassi. No alcohol is served.
Lunch in a local cafe in Moshi - 1200Tsh
Internet in Moshi - 1500Tsh per hour.
Evening street food in Moshi - 500Tsh for a Zanzibar pizza, 1000Tsh for Tandoori chicken.
'Shuttle' bus from Moshi to Nairobi (via Arusha) - 35,000Tsh!!!!! 8 hours.


Minibus from Mutukula (border with Uganda) to Bukoba - 4000Tsh

3rd class ticket on MV Victoria ferry from Bukoba to Mwanza - 15,600Tsh, around 12 hours. Leaves Bukoba on Mon/Wed/Fri at 9pm, leaves Mwanza on Tue/Thu/Sat at 10pm. 1st/2nd class cabins available but limited. Paying a crew member for their berth is possible at around 15,000Tsh per berth, which also allows access to the first class restaurant and bar. Very nice.
Tasty meal in 1st class restaurant aboard the MV Victoria - 3000Tsh! Wow!
Beer in 1st class lounge - 1600Tsh!

Dbl room w/bath at the Lake Hotel, Mwanza - 15,000Tsh. (Suites are 20,000Tsh)
Breakfast at Kuleana Pizzeria - around 2000Tsh with coffee. They do allsorts not just pizza. Profits go to a childrens charity.
Lunch in a cafe in Mwanza -around 2000 Tsh for chicken pilau.
4m kanga fabrics in Mwanza - 4000Tsh
Delicious fish/chicken tikka with chips on Kenyatta Rd (near Karibu internet cafe) - 3500/4500Tsh
Bus from Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam - 35,000Tsh, 1200km, 13 hours. It is the same fare to Dodoma.
***Note that no buses in Tanzania are allowed to travel at night so they leave really early. If you get delayed the driver may risk the wrath of the polcie if you are lucky!***
Taxi from Ubongo bus station to downtown Dar Es Salaam - 5000Tsh (7000Tsh inside the station)
Kigamboni ferry - 100Tsh, p.p. 3mins
Dala-dala from port to Kipepeo village - 250Tsh p.p.
Camping at Kipipeo Village - 6500Tsh p.p. Beautiful setting and well run, the menu is atrociously expensive however. Bring your own food if you are camping. If you are staying in the rooms you are probably rich enough not to notice!
Room at Kilimanjaro Kempinsky Hotel, Dar Es Salaam - $250 per night. If you have friends staying there though....... Very nice, breakfast buffet is luxurious and delicious, it would cost 25,000Tsh for non-guests and really would be worth the splurge!
Ferry from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar v.v.- $35/20 fast/slow inc $5 port tax. 1 1/2/4 hours. Several daily. The slow boat leaves Zanzibar at 10pm, waits offshore and then arrives in Dar early in the morning, meaning you save a nights accommodation. Also on the slow boat you get access to 1st class for your foreigner priced ticket, on the fast boats you are crammed with everyone else.
Room w/bath at Flamingo Guest House, Stone Town - 13,000Tsh p.p.p.n.
Spice tour from 9am till 3pm - 15,000Tsh per person inc lunch, spice tour and stop on beach. To visit the slave cave costs 1000Tsh extra.
Evening food market near Forodhani Gardens - Fish kebabs (various inc kingfish, tuna, shark, barracuda) - 1000Tsh, Prawn/Calimari/Lobster skewers - 3000Tsh, Coconut bread, chapati, fish cakes - 500Tsh, Zanzibar pizzas from 1500Tsh and chips around 800Tsh. Amazing sight and experience, everyone must go.
Burger in small cafe in Stone Town - 800Tsh
Kanga - 7000Tsh for 4m
Chicken tikka on the street - 4000Tsh
Sugar cane juice - 300Tsh
Delicious natural yoghurt/date juice - 500/800Tsh per glass.
Nice postcards at Zawari Chest, Stone Town - 400Tsh each. They also have a great selection of African themed CD's and books.
Large selection of Fruit and Veg at Darajani market in Stone Town - all between 1000-2000Tsh per kilo.

Old style dala-dala from Stone Town to Jambiani - 1500Tsh p.p.
Clean hut with shower (sometimes hot) at Shehe Bungalows, Jambiani - $30 per night. All places on the beach quote in dollars and charge around 3 times the rate on the mainland. Dhow Village is another good option at a simialr price but the huts are further back from the beach. Kimte has rooms way back and may appeal to solo travellers but the staff were not the friendliest and Red Monkey is over-priced and again not so friendly, in fact the owner greeted me with "Mzungu". Grrr.
Meals at various restaurants in Jambiani - 5-8000Tsh, standard dishes of rice or chips with grilled fish. Beer usually cost 3000Tsh, at One Stone it was 2000Tsh.
Spicey rice or chips in the one cheap stall in Jambiani - 1500Tsh each
Half-day Dolphin tour, including transport, snorkel gear, boat and lunch - $30 per

Bus from Dar Es Salaam to Mbeya - 23,000Tsh, around 800km, 12 hours
Dbl room w/bath and TV at Sombrero Hotel, Mbeya - 25,000Tsh
There are many cheap hotels in Mbeya but they are all often full as it is the access town for both the Malawian and Zambian borders. Booking is recommended.
Meal at Sombrero Restaurant, Mbeya - around 5000Tsh
Minibus from Mbeya to Songwe Bridge (the Malawian border) - in total 3500Tsh p.p., around 120km, it could involve several changes in buses!

Average daily budget (including a 4 day safari at $150 per day and a week on Zanzibar!) - 50,000Tsh per person (approx $40)

Exchange rate - 1300Tsh=$1, 2200Tsh=GBP1

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